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The Beauty Of Red Oak

red oak planks

Red oak can be quite rare. The oak has a fine grain. And if it is not naturally imbued, it has been skillfully blended in to existing strips of wood to give your wood floors that old world or classic or country style look you enjoy so much. And it is, after all, oak. This of course means that once the red oak planks have been manually prepared at their factory workshop and laid down masterfully by your bespoke wood craftsmen, you will need to take good care of your floors from now on. Or your new staircase bannister for that matter.

But good housekeeping and the maintenance of your classic wood has been made a little easier on your time and labor. In the first place, the wood has already been lacquered with a protective resin which still takes nothing from the red oak wood’s original look. This of course, does not mean that you can now become clumsy and careless, especially if you have got kids and pets running up and down the hallways. And they should not be running around inside of the house. Just saying, is all. Anyhow, your bespoke wood man will have a list of easy to use maintenance tips ready to help you out with.

And if red oak wood is not your thing, there is always other varieties, styles and materials to choose from. Maybe you want that sleek but painterly look for your kitchen cupboards. Or maybe you want a more rustic look that gives off the impression that you are out in the woods. Or maybe you really are out in the woods. Which means that you might want wood that is a lot sturdier and thicker to help withstand the vagaries of mother nature.